Women Child Welfare

Women Child Welfare – From abuses, poverty and exploitation on widows, this Training on Garments Making and sewing machine provision to each of 272 widow women for their income generation and sustainable survival give changes. The destitute widow women will have 6 months of training on Tailoring.

After their husband death, women life becomes under tragedy in Indian society. They are seen as sins and totally isolated. They come under poverty, sex abuse, isolation of community and working place issues. Children education is questionable one and they can’t meet the expenses of the education. So, the women are putting down their children education and care. Daily her life is covered with so many issues and burdens.

Through these programmes, skill training, sewing machine provision, rights and other welfare activities are provided to each woman. It protects the women from abuses, exploitation and isolation with economical self-reliance. It is supporting their children education and free from child labour creation.

The women will have been protected from hunger and poverty. The social evils such as isolation of widows, working place violence and sex abuses will have been prevented. Their children will ha̋ve been assured of the continuity of education and free from dropout victims. Women child welfare is one of the best projects of the Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust.