Women And Child Welfare

Violence against women and child abuse in India is endemic. A child goes missing every 8 minutes. A woman is raped every 34 minutes. Dowry deaths and honour killings continue unabated. Perpetrators of violence typically escape punishment. It is time to make a stand and to support survivors of violence and empower women.

The challenge is not to be underestimated. It is to change those attitudes held by too many in India that men have the right to behave as they will towards women and children. An analysis of population statistics reveals a shortfall of 5.6% in the expected female population missing because of gender-selective Ending a pregnancy, dowry killing, and unpunished acts of violence. Trapped in bonded labour and sex slavery, forced into early marriage and disallowed access to education and healthcare.

We work directly at the root causes of inequality and believe discrimination and violence are manifestations of ignorance and fear. Societal and judicial change compound our programs and we are positively changing conditions for women across India addressing the issues of education for girls, violence and patriarchy.