Uplift a Child – 1000 Children


Uplift A Child helps educate children (ages 3 to 16) in India, who are orphaned or live with a single parent in destitute conditions. We identify the neediest children from slums and streets who are eager to learn and enroll them in independent, private, English-medium schools in their community. Our sponsors give the children a new hope in life through education, while our field volunteers provide continuous mentoring and holistic support to the child and parent!


The young children that come into our program are born into a life without hope or a chance of upward mobility. Some are orphaned and others live under little more than a thatched roof with an impoverished single mom, who often has escaped an abusive domestic situation. All desperately need our help to pull them up, help them stand on their feet in life, and become providers of hope for their community. Without your help these children would be forced to resort to a life of child labor.

Our approach in uplifting each child through education is unique because we ensure that once enrolled in our program, each child has the resources to attend school from kindergarten through high school.

Our approach to the child’s success is holistic.

1) We provide guidance counseling and mentoring to each child so that any obstacles to studies are identified and resolved early without interrupting the child’s education.

2) We audit attendance, school quality and academic progress very closely.

Long-Term Impact:
We will educate 1000 children, allowing them to come out of poverty and change their economic status through educational help. We monitor their growth monthly and provide solutions to current issues. To make this possible, we need your help. We are looking for kind sponsors to open their hearts and give these children a new life by sponsoring their education.