The Quality Education Program for Underprivileged


The Quality Education Program for Underprivileged is a school-based program which aims to improve the overall schooling experience for the students as well as the teachers by bringing in mainly co-scholastic activities as well as support for scholastic work at schools if needed. It complements Government’s programs to improve learning levels by creating institutions where all stakeholders including parents are involved in creating a change for the better.



Despite considerable economic progress in India in the last couple of decades, poverty has continued to pervade rural areas. Children in rural areas have been denied access to proper education with schools lacking basic facilities, teachers being unmotivated and frequently absent. Even those who eventually make it through twelve years of schooling graduate lacking even basic skills, making it impossible to seek gainful employment or pursue higher education.


To address the problem of education a school is run with regular syllabus and modern facility and congenial educational environment. Qualified staffs are facilitating the programme throughout the year. The kids of local area started their schooling from pre-primary education to primary and above. This is an ongoing activity to cater to the need of disadvantaged community and bring them into main stream with formal education system.

Long-Term Impact

Confident, educated and healthy children will be able to pursue higher education and job opportunities in the fields of their choice. They will be pillars of support for their home, parents and the community. Gender skewing in the community will recede over time. Importantly, it also ensures that the next generation gets far better parenting and therefore a better life.