Thank you for helping Deprived Children

Respected Donors,
Warm Greetings from Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust!
Thank you for your generous support for the deprived students. The Children belongs to economically disadvantaged family background. The parents are working as daily wage labourers, By doing this vocation they earn very meager income. With this meager income their family sustenance is very difficult to manage. Many of the Students fathers are always drunken. Some of the children are having single parent due to various reasons. Family not able to support educational material to the children in time and some of parents are forcefully stopping children education sending to work as domestic servant maid in the land lord houses to earn supplementary income.
In this critical juncture Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust identified Children age group 6 to 15 years and knew their educational needs through teachers and providing educational material kit consist of School Bag Pack, Geometry Box, Scale, Colour Pencils, Pens, Sketches, Erasers, Notebooks, etc. As part of our regular ongoing program we distribute to children studying in our non-formal education center
We have been doing this initiative for the underprivileged children since 2000 as we believe education is asset. With this timely educational support Students are studying good and progressing well.
Without your generous support it is very difficult for us to serve the destitute and needy children in time for their better future and career.
Thank you for helping Deprived Children with Education Support.

Many Blessings!