Skills to enable independent living

The Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust is committed to sustainable development. Being able to earn a living from a skill is a long term solution to poverty. We help individuals and their families to break the cycle of poverty. Our training programmes help communities to get stronger and build better futures for their children.

The IWCWT Vocational Training Institute was set up to help distressed and marginalized women. Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust’s holistic approach means we can also help the children of women attending the Institute, which offers the whole family a chance to break free of poverty.

Our integrated vocational training programme was set up in 2014 to give employment opportunities and to generate income to enable people to earn a livelihood. The unit works with women in poverty; with call girls and with HIV infected mothers, aged 16 to 25 years old. This age group is especially targeted as it is a key time of self-discovery and self-development for women.

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