Nutrition for child

200 million children suffer the effects of malnutrition.

Malnutrition affects every stage life and has severe consequences that can impact generations. Malnourished mothers are more likely to die in childbirth and have low birth weight babies. Children born to malnourished mother are at increased risk of disease and death. Chronically malnourished children face lifelong consequences in reduced mental capacity, lower retention in school and reduced lifetime earnings.

Feeding Program
The Program has enabled children living in the West Delhi slum to have healthy, bright futures. Through a solid education and two warm meals every day, children on the program have steadily graduated to earn a degree and make a liveable wage for themselves – thus breaking the cycle of poverty in their families.
The Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust Feeding program is about more than food for today. It is about providing a child an opportunity for a new future. When a child is born into extreme poverty at an early age they are faced with a choice: Go to school or spend their days scavenging and begging for food. By offering them two meals a day while at school, they do not need to choose between their education and eating.

Help for the hungry
Hunger is still the no.1 cause of death in the world and a third of the worlds hungry live in India. Each minute, five Indians die of hunger which makes 7000 each day and 2.5 million people dying of hunger in India every year.*

Did you ever ask yourself how we can help world hunger? Well, obviously one person alone cannot feed all hungry stomachs on earth. But when we get together, we can do something! And yes, even a small contribution, even just feeding one hungry child a day, can make a difference!

Food for a Day
You can help us feeding them by sponsoring the food for a day. For only 150 US Dollars you can feed 200 people and get their blessing. We will send you pictures of the lunch so that you can enjoy seeing all the happy faces.

If you are searching for a special gift for someone it is a great idea to give them the honour of being a sponsor for one day’s food! Donate to charities for someone of whom you know he or she would enjoy the joy of others. Make someone happy by this contribution to happiness.

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