No To Violence Against Women’s in India

The main objective of this project is to bring gender equality within the male dominated society, respect for women, end social malpractices, decrease in dowry system, END child Marriage and women should also have equal rights in society.

Assistance will be provided to the women & girl through this project so that the moral of the her will soar and they will get courage to fight against violence. Awareness programs such as Road shows, posters, street play, wall painting etc. will bring awareness in the society, so that the cases of gender inequality may reduce in number. Women will be cautious towards their legal rights through legal awareness camp, and violence against women will be eliminated.

Long-Term Impact:
The attitude of men towards women will be changed from which this male dominated society will respect women. Child marriage, dowry, gender discrimination will be reduced. Women & girl will live respectfully. The society will openly support the her in the fight against violence, the resulting, fear will be pervaded in culprits and the violence against women will be decreased.