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‘You don’t raise money, you raise hope’

Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust always welcomes support from our local, national, international communities. We are an independent charity that works to make a real positive difference to improve the quality of life of children, women and poor people living in India.

Without your help we would not be able to reach out to our local community to offer kindness wherever it is needed.

Help us raise funds to support poor people in India. Raising money in your local area is a fantastic way to help Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust and support poor people.

Our sponsors keep the project stable and allow us to continue providing education to over 550 children and running women empowerment programmes in India. If you think you might know someone who would be interested in joining our community of dedicated sponsors, please put them in touch with us.

People from all walks of life who care about impoverished children and Women have found creative, fun, and easy ways to raise money and awareness about the Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust. You can do many of these ideas yourself.

Fundraising Page : https://www.ammado.com/startfundraising?prepopulatedid=173305

Please contact us at ceo@iwcwtministry.org to discuss the possibilities.

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