Help to the Old Age People Who are Abandoned by their Families

The less privileged elders need our love and care. This project will provide meal, medical care and recreation to 57 homeless old age persons. Every day we will provide nutritious food to destitute elder, who are neglected by their families. Due to poverty some families not able to feed these older persons. Among 57 poor old age persons, some of them use to beg at neighbor houses, nearby locations to feed themselves. Our little contribution to the elderly make their world healthy and happy.

Your generous contributions help us to provide meals, clothing and medical care to the 57 elders. With this timely support the elders are happy and feel that they are in safety. Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust provide not only food support, we have provided warm clothing and medical treatment for them with love. when they feel that there is some one to care and love them, they are more confident and feel that they are safe and secure.