Help Educate Girls in India


Despite immense progress, education in India remains problematic, particularly for girls who miss school to support their families. We believe in equal education. Our School, Education Center classes allow our girls to complete 12 years of schooling and we also enroll and support them right through to college. Your donation helps give our girls knowledge, self-belief and hope.

We believe in equal access to education. When women are educated, their whole community benefits! In India, only 47% of girls start secondary education and only 2% of girls successfully complete secondary school. Within the areas we work, uneducated women and girls are targets for sex traffickers and ruthless money lenders. We work with local women and girls to raise awareness of their rights and provide the services to maximize their educational attainment.

With your help we plan to continue to raise girls’ aspirations through our educational facilities, supporting those experiencing barriers to their full entitlement of schooling, and advocating for improved equality in education locally and nationally. We’re offering practical support to help more girls continue their education through to 12th Standard and college. Our Center also provides digital literacy skills. You can help us by donating study fees and educational resources.

We help educate 1,000 girls each year, fully financing at least 25 young people through college to give them financial independence, choice and security which will ultimately help in breaking the cycle of poverty. In our district girls’ education also improves family health – educated mothers are 50% percent more likely to immunize their child and administer medication properly, meaning 50% more children survive beyond age 5.