Girls’ education: A lifeline to development

Girls Education – Previously educating ‪‎girls was not considered substantial. However, the world has realised the essence of educating girl. In the modern world women ‪empowerment essentially stresses enlightening girls to equip girls with knowledge is associated with the real purpose of filling the gap of gender difference. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not favour educating girls. For them, girls are safe and secure at home only. They say financing on girls education is not worth it. But on the contrary, educating a girl could bring desirable changes in our society.

Knowledge develops critical thinking. Educated girls develops new and progressive view towards duty and obligations. Knowledge aids girls earning employment which makes them ‪economically self reliable. To counter the challenges girls should take robust stand for their right to education. Undoubtedly education could help to eradicate the ‪gender difference and empowerment of ‪women.