Girl Child Education

Sending a child to school means empowering her with all important tools for a better and dignified life.

A child with quality education not only transforms her life but also contributes to the family, society and the overall development of the future generations. An educated girl child can avoid exploitation, take informed decisions and get adequate chances of succeeding in life and in turn breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

It is Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust’s aim to ensure that every child goes to school and gets quality education under the RTE ACT, 2009. Our focus is to see that the marginalized children you support not only get proper education but a holistic development by making them a part of the decision making process through child education, community support, etc.

Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust  is working passionately to ensure that the marginalized children get an opportunity to attend primary or elementary schools in a non-discriminatory environment.

Strengthen a child for positive future by sending her to school today.

How do we do this?

  • Formation, Training and Monitoring of School Management Committees
  • Capacity building and Training of teachers
  • Activities to develop Children’s leadership skills
  • Onsite and offsite academic support to children through                                                                             development/ procurement of need based /contextual teaching-learning materials
  • Academic support for children before and after school hours
  • Enhancing the school/ classroom physical environment
  • Making classrooms/toilets/library more accessible for ALL students

You can help us achieve our goals. Please contribute by choosing an amount that would ensure a better tomorrow!

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