Empowerment Centers

Social Security and Health

The risk of illness for marginalized families is irreversible health damage, inescapable debt, and even early death. Poor working women’s health issues become neglected because of high costs, administrative barriers, overwhelming workloads, and domestic responsibilities. Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust’s integrated health program includes both preventative and curative care to try and address women’s health problems before they escalate. Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust aims strengthen the existing government social security program by connecting poor to government services. To facilitate this Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust has opened its own Shakti Kendras around India.

Shakti Kendra (Empowerment Centers)

In 2015, Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust was appointed as the manager of a Delhi government initiative called the ‘Gender Resource Center’ in Vikas Puri, a slum in west Delhi. The GRC project aims to bring social, economy and legal empowerment to women particularly those belonging to the underprivileged section of society. 

Adapting the GRC model, Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust now runs its own empowerment centers called Shakti Kendra (Empowerment Centers) in Delhi.

Shakti Kendras are convergence and coordination centers for Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust in order to empower communities by strengthening members’ capacities to access entitlements – through mobilization, building awareness, initial support and hand-holding and nurturing grassroots leadership.

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