Education School For Slum Children

There are many children, especially those of itinerant workers, who cannot afford even the meagre fees to attend school. For some students, their parents simply do not see the need.
These labourers are paid periodically based on the number of days worked, and it is common for paymasters to cheat them by paying less than what they have earned. For labourers who do not know how to count, it is an easy scam.
Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust opened an after school program to help reach the needs of these children. Any child who shows up is given basic education in mathematics, reading, writing, and English. This program is helpful to all generations, as the children are encouraged to help their fathers calculate the payments due to them.

It is wonderful to see how many children show up voluntarily for these classes, and to see how enthusiastic they are about learning all that they can.