Educate a Slum child

Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust schools not only teach the children basic but they teach them to dream. Learning English and learning to read and write would be impossible for these children without these schools. Sometime the only meal that they have is at school. Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust urgently needs funds to keep these schools running and to continue to open new shelters and schools in more areas. Just a chance in life, that’s what the children need – Just a chance! For the price of a meal at a restaurant you can save a child from a life of begging, rag picking and worst still from crime and prostitution.  With no food, no home and no family, there is no hope for these children. Without the regular monthly support Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust is unable to take on new children or continue their ground level work in slums and on the street. Please help to give these children chance for a life, give them hope and future.