Development Programme

Empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society has always been the prime motive of Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust’s interventions throughout the country. With this aim, Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust has been working and active in slums and villages for more than 15 years. Since then, strong and trust worthy relation has been developed with the local leaders all over the state. One of the important strategies of Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust has been to work with the local people’s in the operational area. These are the foundation of the rights based work specially focusing on Food Security of Marginalized, Deprived and poor people, which is planned or implemented in the area.

Focusing on this, Development Programme  is started and 1st year of Development Programme  carried out with the goal aiming at “Securing access and control over adequate food and means of livelihood for Tribes, Dalits and Women, and other poor & marginalized “with the objectives of-

  • To increase access of food security and employment related schemes of Government
  • To ensure access and control over food and livelihood resources like land, water and forest.
  • To promote and strengthen self governed, gender sensitive people’s organization and civil society Forums to upscale micro issue by building alliances with other development actors.

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