Child Rights and Equity

Children are born with the same dignity, citizenship and rights as adults. This compels Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust, along with partners, to seek the progressive fulfilment of those rights.

Children are a barometer of poverty

Children experience poverty differently than adults do because of their vulnerability and lack of legal and economic status in society. How children are doing, in all aspects of their lives, reflects the overall health and development of the family, community and society they live in. A thriving society values all children, especially the most vulnerable, and upholds their human rights.

Childhood poverty can have lifelong consequences

Children are especially vulnerable to shocks, trauma and poverty. The most important figures in children’s lives – their parents and caregivers (particularly women) – are often disempowered, poor and illiterate, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Breaking this cycle of intergenerational poverty requires a fresh approach to development.

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