Richa Negi

Richa Negi

Secretary and Board of Trustee
Brief info

Richa Negi serves as a trustee within the Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust, undertaking pivotal responsibilities essential for the organization's smooth operation. As the trustee, Richa holds the crucial role of disseminating vital information to all members and stakeholders, ensuring seamless communication within the organization. This includes providing timely notice of any meetings and ensuring the efficient distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes, facilitating productive discussions and decision-making processes.

Moreover, Richa Negi takes on the role of custodian for the organization's records and related materials, ensuring their safekeeping and accessibility when needed. By diligently managing these responsibilities, Richa contributes significantly to the Trust's mission of promoting the welfare and empowerment of women and children in India. Her dedication and organizational skills play a vital role in advancing the Trust's objectives and serving the community effectively.

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