Leprosy Mission


Leprosy Mission

Leprosy affected persons are being completely neglected in family and society and they are living a very miserable life. They don’t have an option for developing better life conditions. In such circumstances, they need self-care training for safety, health checkups, clothes, shoes, etc and for livelihood – goat keeping, small shop, poultry, Cow etc., as the only options for their upliftment. Further, they are being rehabilitated and get self-respect and esteem in the family.

Leprosy is a major challenge in society. They are facing the problem of food, clothing and shelter, as family and society treat them as secondary members. They are usually felt as a burden and hence their life cycle gets seriously affected. They have major health problems but they get zero treatment and the problem gets more severe with age. On the other side, their self-respect and esteem are broken in every step.

Some Patients who were affected by leprosy came seeking admission for their children in the home. These parents said that they are afraid to keep their children in the colony because all of them are affected by leprosy. So the IWCWT decided to go and visit the houses and see their living conditions. On visiting them there were a group of more than fifteen families living in the outskirts of the city, under shacks, without any medical care, very poor, without any assistance, most of them lived on begging in the nearby temple. Out of compassion and seeing their misery love and grace extended their helping hands to give them a proper living at least two square meals a day. Most of the children from these colonies were moved to the home after proper medical check-ups. Patients were sent to hospitals, now the mission is providing needed Rice and provisions for all the families for a whole year. The mission has provided a water pipeline to the village, built houses, has given mats and beds to sleep, utensils for cooking, good clothing provided and above all the gospel that sets them free from sin. It’s a joy to see these untouchables clap their half hands and glorify God with all their might and strength.

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