Community Development and Advocacy

The Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust’s community development process takes charge of the conditions and factors that influence a community and changes the quality of life. Through empowerment programs, the Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust empower impoverished community In rural villages.

In the Community Development programs, men and women are educated about their ignorance and lack of awareness and information, despite the indifference and antipathy of the local authorities. More studies have revealed that insufficient awareness of information and lack of organized efforts appear to be the root cause of major problems among the backward socioeconomic and health hazards of these people. In fact, there is an environment characterized by malnutrition, infection, and disease, poor living conditions, dearth of safe drinking water and sanitation in almost all the villages.

This is mainly due to ignorance of the available government resources. Empowerment and hard earnest work by dedicated people are required in these villages, typically aiming to build stronger and more resilient local communities. A major cause of poverty among India’s rural people, both individuals, and communities is a lack of access to productive assets and financial resources. High levels of illiteracy, inadequate health care, and extremely limited access to social services are common among rural people. The Micro-enterprise development program, which could generate income and enable poor people to improve their living conditions, has only recently become the government’s focus. Women are generally the most disadvantaged group in Indian society, though their status varies significantly according to their social and ethnic backgrounds.