Blankets for Most Affected Families


SUMMARY – The mission of Blankets for the Homeless is to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to join them in helping the homeless and to change the way the people view the homeless. Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust will provide warm blankets to 1000 needy homeless poor people who live on footpath in shivery cold which get these destitute poor people relief, protection from cold and they may get a sound sleep!

CHALLENGE – Poor destitute people who live on footpath are bound to face the cold without woolen clothes (blankets). Thousands of people die of shivery cold every year due to the lack of woolen clothes. Those people are helpless because of poverty.

SOLUTION – Blankets will be distributed to 1000 poor destitute people so that these persons may be able to protect themselves from shivery cold as well as these blankets will get some relief.

LONG TERM IMPACT – These blankets will protect these 1000 person which get them sound sleep without any fear and worry and there will be definitely some reduction in the number of deaths of shivery cold every year.




Tax Benefits 80G. All local donations to Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Our receipt carries this message and the receipt will suffice for claiming tax exemption. The tax rebate is 50% of your contribution to Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust.