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Inclusive Development of
Socially Excluded Children



Summary of the project
The programme is proposed to bring socially excluded children in mainstream of society by improving their quality of life. Activities are designed to improve their socio-economical condition. The children come from high-risk situation. They are subjected to cruelty, ill treatment and exposed to sexual harassment and abuse by the known & unknown persons. The project provides a healing touch to the children and helps them come out of their past experiences and look up with the confidence to move forward. It will provide them a platform in which they conduct their lives with confidence in education, curricula activities and relationships.

Why this area was selected
Target area of the project is slums and resettlement colonies of Vikaspuri, Tilak Nagar, Janakpuri of Northwest district of Delhi. Target groups are the socially excluded children involved in the rag picking and helping their family in livelihood. They are compelled by the pitiable economical condition of family to engage in this activity. Their adopted profession has distracted them form the regular activities of a normal child. Apart from that lack of knowledge of community people these area about the health needs and other basic needs of children is the major obstacle in positive growth of children. 

Project framework
a) Project aim
The main aim of the project is the holistic development of socially excluded children by improving their quality of life and making them self-reliant and responsible members of the society.

b) Project objectives
1. To enhance the academic growth of the children minimum up to secondary level. 
2. To develop Specific (advance) skill through training, workshops and seminars to make them self-reliant.and encourage the children to enter in further training.
3. To help develop leadership qualities amongst the socially excluded children.
4. To empower them by creating awareness on child rights and health awareness particularly related to adulthood, hygiene and AIDS.
5. To provide a platform to expose their talents through various cultural and extra-curricular activities.
6. To provide exposure to the children through educational outings and summer camps. 
7. To provide regular medical check-up and counseling services to socially excluded children.
To explore and developed in efforts to encourage the child through general life skill to reach his or her highest potential.

Project outcomes
1. Increased number of children linked with education.
2. Increases number of children with improved general life skill such as moral education, health & sex education, personality development etc.
3. Increased level of sense of security, self-respect and dignity among children.
4. Increased number of children free from abuse.
Increased number of children developed specific skill such as music, dance, drama, sports etc. leading to the employment.