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Feeding Program has enabled children living in the West Delhi slum to have healthy, bright futures. Through a solid education and two warm meals every day, children on the program have steadily graduated to earn a degree and make a liveable wage for themselves – thus breaking the cycle of poverty in their families. Read more

This project is aimed at empowering women providing adult education, sewing & tailoring skill development training to make them self-sufficiency & self reliant. The project will enable women deprived, poverty stricken working as domestic servants, labour and widows are being given opportunity to undergo free training in sewing and tailoring. Read more

Indian women and child welfare Trust is facilitating access to education for children through Education Awareness Programmes focusing on girl child and school dropouts.The awareness programmes are helping parents understand the importance of children’s education and to encourage them to go to school. Read more

our mission

OUR MISSION is "TO ENSURE SMILE ON EVERY FACE": This is best done by establishing a redeemed, regenerated and progressive society, which will be free from exploitation, injustice and disparities Read more


We are committed to the poor, marginalised and the vulnerable in India, We are committed to the whole person, We are committed to excellence, We are committed to learn from others Read more

our future goals

To ensure primary education for all children, 
To provide non-formal education to the street & working children chiefly from the deprived section of our society, To promote literacy among adults, Read more